The thing

The film opens enigmatically with a Siberian Husky running through the Antarctic tundra, chased by two men in a helicopter firing at it from above. Even after the dog finds shelter at an American research outpost, the men in the helicopter Norwegians from an outpost nearby land and keep shooting. One of the Norwegians drops a grenade and blows himself and the helicopter to pieces; the other is shot dead in the snow by Garry Donald Moffatthe American outpost captain.

The thing

If it takes us over, then it has no more enemies. Nobody left to kill it. The Thing is the titular main antagonist and the name given to the hostile alien creature featured in the short story "Who Goes There?

It was played by the late James Arness in the film, and the late wolfdog actor Jed in its first form in the film. Contents [ show ] Description and Traits In nature, the Thing is basically an ambush predator, isolating a potential victim or threat to consume and assume its form.

In certain cases, usually when exposed or the person it assimilated is fatally inflicted, the Thing will discard all caution and defend itself by manifesting features that may be of its natural form, including tendrils, claws, and mouths. For this reason, it is necessary to destroy the body down to the cellular level with incineration an effective method.

When The Thing is left alone with a suitable target, it will begin to split open and fire out tendrils, which grab the target and begin to assimilate it.

The thing

In certain cases after discovery or high chance of discovery, The Thing will sometimes perform "divide and conquer" tactics, as in the case of the assimilated Edward which split up into three separate forms: One on his hand quickly detaches and animated itself before engaged and began assimilating Jonas, another limb scuttled away soon after detaching for potential assimilation in a safer location, and the main body of the Edvard thing killed Derek and successfully assimilated Adam Finch, resulting a form of The Thing named Split-Face.

This is also performed, albeit much less successfully, by the Norris-Thing. When exposed, Things will react The thing on how big they are compared to the threat.

Smaller Things will generally attempt to escape and ambush prey when the individual is more vulnerable. However, a larger Thing will usually attack prey head on and attempt to overwhelm any hostiles instead of escaping, although if it has not completely lost its cover it will attempt to flee.

Rapture-type Thing Beasts The thing below have no intention of hiding themselves from view as well as not manifesting useful appendages that supposedly give them advantage in battle like legs, and their chosen forms act primarily with little intelligence.

When exposed, The Thing would recklessly attack anyone on sight to save itself. This somewhat serves as their psychological weakness due to their aggressive mood blinded them from serious threat that their foes unexpectedly posed on them: When Split-Face Thing confronting Sam, it hesistate upon noticing his flamethrower.

It cannot absorb these as noted by MacReady, which could suggest an inability to absorb plant cells or dead cells. In another feat of reasoning, a Thing destroyed a test that would have lead to its exposure, demonstrating awareness of biology and medical practices that would have exposed it.

Interestingly, the second time this same method was proposed as a test the Thing had seemingly preempted the idea, this despite the fact that the Thing that had arrived at the second base was spawned long before the first test was thought of and was in a non-human form.

This lead to the theory of a shared consciousness between Things, especially as the second sabotage was far harder to pull off covertly and while sowing seeds of misdirection it also exposed its presence.

Events in The Thing and The Thing Its origins a mystery, the Thing crash landed in a spacecraft within the icy fields of Antarcticayears ago and was frozen.

However, an autopsy of the scorched alien corpse reveals that its cells are still alive and in the process of assimilating Henrik. Sander as The Thing. When Kate realizes the Thing had assimilated others, she places the base on quarantine to weed out the Thing based on those who still have metal fillings in their teeth and such.

However, eventually the majority of research team were infected and incinerated before Sander, having been infected, makes a run for the spaceship before Kate manages to kill the monster and heavily damages the ship to be beyond any repair. Thinking the Thing is dead, Kate leaves for the nearest area of civilization to put the event behind her.

Garry, the station commander. By the time that McReady and the other normal humans remain, they learn that Blair got assimilated and is building a small escape craft. Realizing that the Thing may also intentionally freeze itself to wait for a rescue team in the spring, MacReady resolves to kill it with dynamite around the complex.

After the Thing that Blair became is dead, with Garry and Nauls killed off prior, MacReady finds Childs with both thinking the other got assimilated before seeing no point in distrusting each other as they would die of frost within hours.

Events in the videogame In the videogame "The Thing", which serves as sequel for the film and set 3 months after events of the said film, it is revealed that The Thing still alive and waiting for more victims to absorb and kill. Fortunately, Blake the protagonist of the game foiled his plan and destroyed him with help of MacReady, sole survivor of the film, before he had a chance to infect the rescue team.

In the videogame, The Thing was regarded more like viral organism that has the ability to replicate the original biological entity, including their clothing.

This likely due to in the said game, The Thing had further developed its ability which intrigued Gen Inc. Videogame Variants Giving that all appeared Things are now in more numerous type and numbers than that in movies, they were categorized in these types: Aside leaping, they could either attacking by biting or spitting digestive fluid as projectile.

They could be crippled easily by crippled it first with few shots from guns before finished by a single blast from flamethrower. Scuttler Pods A form of Thing that in form of fleshy, blob-like biomass that immobile but dangerous due to manifesting Scuttlers as means of defense.

13 Fascinating Facts About ‘The Thing’ | Mental Floss

Their prime weakness is incapable of moving nor having alternate means of defense and can be destroyed by a blast of flamethrower and variety of firearms. Walkers Form of Thing that manifest as humanoid monster with deformed torso, deformed claw hands, and insectoid legs that formerly humanoid ones.

Their early form were brutish, muscular monster with a huge, transparent hole in their torso. Imitations Imitations are form of Thing that previosuly introduced in the films. But unlike the latter, Dog Beasts still retain their limbs though the said bodyparts also mutated to the point where they could support their weight as well as enable them to run at the tremendous speed.ThingLink gives images a new role in online communication and learning.

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