The meaning of life full essay essay

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The meaning of life full essay essay

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Thus, it is uncertain whether science can really tell us what is most significant in life in a philosophical sense although many scientists have tried to answer questions on the significance of life by attempting to explain the relationship of life to its environment or to the universe, and vice versa.

He said that we need to be able to differentiate between a living being and an inanimate object. We need to start from the beginning of the cosmos; the time of the big bang. Souls can do this by gaining enlightenment and, eventually, salvation.

Enlightenment and salvation leads souls to unite with their supreme being, their Creator, their God. Moroever, the meaning of life is said to be the question which was at the very heart of the classical moral philosophy initiated by Socrates.

The teachings of Socrates Socrates thus place importance on critical self-examination; and the will to not just live life, but to constantly question and evaluate it at the same time. Another philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, argued that life is full of absurdity and the individual must make his or her own values in an indifferent world.

For Kierkegaard, an individual can have a meaningful life if the individual relates the self in an unconditional commitment to something finite, and devotes his or her life to the commitment despite the inherent vulnerability of doing so. There are a million other contentions and concepts, may they be philosophical, religious or scientific in nature.

Yet, there may be some people who may not find the value and significance of their lives by simple deeds, simple achievements, or simple concepts. These instances go on and on. And the answers are infinite. You can spend an entire lifetime doing this and searching for the answer you think is right.I can truly connect with your essay man.

I am myself a constant searcher of meaning, and Albert Camus I beliece once said that human is a meaning-making machine trapped in a meaningless universe. Meaning of Life and Life Essay. living life and about living it even when he came to the last stages of his life was very inspiring.

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The meaning of life full essay essay

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The Meaning of Life Essay Sample. The meaning of life is subjective and has been the topic of many a debates. Yet, it is basically the answer to questions that relate to the purpose of our existence as human beings, or the value of our lives as creatures with the power to think, decide and act.

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