The linkage leader

Are You a Resilient Leader? By Susie Kelleher on March 22, How would you describe a resilient leader? When I ask this question, similar themes emerge from the answers. Resilient leaders are emotionally composed, even while under attack.

The linkage leader

In Julyhe joined Response S. He has participated as a lecturer and coordinator in more than 30 Conferences and has experience of more than 1.

As an executive coach, Artemis has a business background and this shows in his approach during coaching assignments. He strongly believes that by supporting individuals achieve more within their operational duties they develop a stronger sense of self confidence and optimism.

This impacts positively in their communication and relationships towards their boss, peers and subordinates and in turn conveys to their private lives. He is a Linkage accredited professional coach and in this capacity has supported a number of senior managers of various industries and functions in Greece and abroad.

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During this period, he actively contributed to a changing European retail environment participating in global task teams on European Price Harmonization, International Account Planning and Efficient Consumer Response initiatives.

He has lead several negotiation teams in local and regional agreements with key European retailers and set up distribution networks for various product categories. Since he has been working on the establishment of Linkage Inc.

He lives in Athens, he is married and has three daughters. He has been also accredited facilitator by Linkage Inc. He possesses extensive experience in Management, Leadership and Sales and has been instrumental in developing Leaders, Managers and Sales Executives and in the management and coaching of high performance teams.

He began his career in Commercial Bank of Greece, where he remained for nine years in various positions in the Branch network. He has worked as an HR Assistant Manager, handling issues of recruitment and selection and payroll administration. He has also provided training sessions for psychometric tools for a large amount of clients.

She is highly experienced in project management of training programs with key emphasis in overall Coordination of the Implementation and the Evaluation of Trainingprograms, Financial planning and reporting, Event Management and Vendor management. She joined Response in and in joined the Linkage team with the same duties coordinating educational programs, activities and events.The leader–member exchange (LMX) theory is a relationship-based approach to leadership that focuses on the two-way relationship between leaders and followers.

It suggests that leaders develop an exchange with each of their subordinates, and that the quality of these leader–member exchange relationships influences subordinates' responsibility, decisions, and access to resources and performance. Susie Kelleher is a Principal Consultant and Executive Coach at Linkage.

Susie has close to 25 years of experience with a unique and diverse background. She has been a healthcare provider, a sales consultant, a leader of people and a coach and consultant to organizations, teams, individuals and groups.

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The linkage leader

The leader–member exchange (LMX) theory is a relationship-based approach to leadership that focuses on the two-way relationship between leaders and followers. It suggests In the second stage, terminology shifted from vertical dyad linkage to leader–member exchange.

The linkage leader

International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol. 3 No. 4 [Special Issue - February ] “Leader’s Interpersonal Skills and Its Effectiveness at different Levels of Management”.

Leader–member exchange theory - Wikipedia