The best strategies of keeping healthy and fit

Top Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy April 15, Fitness Staying fit and healthy is a top priority for many people but there are still some of us that struggle to keep in tiptop condition, and this could be affecting long-term health. It can be hard to find the time to exercise regularly and prepare meals each day if you have a busy schedule and always tons of things to do on a daily basis, but making some time during your day can help you reap the rewards in future health benefits.

The best strategies of keeping healthy and fit

Washington Brain Fitness 1 Brain Fitness: Strategies for Keeping Our Brains Fit at Any Age In the same manner that physical exercise conditions our bodies so that we do more, with less effort and recover faster, mental exercise strengthens and challenges our cognitive functions so that we remember more, think clearly, and have the ability to solve the constantly changing problems that arise as a result of our increasingly busy and complex lifestyles.

Just as our bodies can become more agile as a result of a well-organized physical regimen, our mind can become more mentally-flexible so that we can efficiently process, assimilate, and retain the vast amounts of information necessary for maintaining a long, healthy, balanced, and productive life.

In the past, it was believed that our brains were hard-wired innate for rigidity, that mental malleability was a characteristic of youth, and that cognitive impairment, mental deterioration, and memory loss were a natural part of aging.

However, advances in the field of neurobiology, sociology, and psychology have debunked these myths and provided substantial evidence that the human brain is, indeed, plastic flexible, adaptable, and regenerative and has the ability to function optimally throughout the entire lifespan; strong, irrefutable evidence that a decline in our mental abilities over time is not inevitable.

The same principle that has been used to achieve physical fitness also applies to mental fitness: This means that with regular mental exercise, our minds can avoid mental atrophy and reap the same benefits as our bodies, remaining strong and sharp every moment of our lives.

In this paper, we will examine ten simple strategies for Brain Fitness 3 achieving a mentally-fit lifestyle through a series of challenging mental exercises that will keep our brains fit at any age.

Like strength-training, calisthenics, cross-training, aerobics, and a balanced diet, Brain Fitness has two parts. The second is a dietary regimen consisting of brain foods that enhance and improve cognitive functions Third Age, One of the reasons that Brain Fitness works is because its underpinnings rest in a growing body of solid scientific research that espouses two revolutionary psychological principles: Although it is never too late to begin a Brain Fitness regimen, an ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure, and strategies that work for seniors will have remarkable curative and strengthening effects in children and those younger than thirty years of age.

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By identifying the various mental abilities listed above, Brain Fitness strengthens those areas that tend to become weak over the lifetime and produces real, measurable progress that can be seen in a relatively short period of time para.

Brain fitness benefits not just the individual, but the entire healthcare system PositScience,para. In addition to these, people who practice at least three of these exercises daily will have better focus and concentration, enhanced peripheral vision para.

Finally, participants will achieve emotional control and a reduction in stress, anxiety, and frustration, enhanced visual, tactile and hand-eye coordination responses para.

The best strategies of keeping healthy and fit

However, for most of us, the simplest and most effective way to enhance our mental and physical proficiency is through daily, voluntary practice of a variety of mental and physical exercises.

This cross-training will maximize our cognitive abilities, prevent stagnation, and improve the overall quality of our lives.

The following list of Brain Fitness exercises can be performed in 15 to 30 minutes, in bed, during breakfast, en route to work, during coffee breaks, at lunch, while doing housework or while shopping.

In addition to the specific exercise, the reasons for performing them are also been listed: Brain Fitness 6 1 Laugh 2 Work puzzles and brain-teasers.

The best strategies of keeping healthy and fit

This includes crossword puzzles Brainpower. What this does is … 3 Put variety in your life.

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Mix it up; do something different: Since there is no growth without challenge, this shocks or stimulates your brain to function in different ways and combinations.The Fit Father Project is the leading health website for men over 40 who want to lose weight, build muscle, and stay healthy for their families.

Visit our popular blog . With so many fad diets and fitness trends on the market, it can be daunting for teens to figure out the best ways to stay fit. The good news?

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Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. How to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit and Healthy After the Summer Five tips for staying on track with your exercise and eating regimens.

By Ruben Castaneda, Staff Writer April 4, Keeping The Athlete Healthy: Sensible supplemented eating strategies, pain and injury prevention and treatment, training to build strength and endurance, and emotional considerations in goal setting, has never been easier to understand and to implement, sans hiring your own Olympic trainer!

keep fit as you get older or just understand Reviews: 5. 10 Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy Photo Credit: SZE FEI WONG/iStock/Getty Images It's the little things that you do each day that add up to being healthy and fit.

While we do what we can to be as health-conscious as we can, it is always a work in progress since there are many elements to a healthy lifestyle. In order to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, it's important to have some sort of consistency when looking at the big picture result. Make changes one at a time, and don't make too many changes at once or you will risk relapsing into old habits.

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