Same equal opportunity

We collaborate with school districts to increase equitable enrollment in Advanced Placement AP and International Baccalaureate IB classes, so more students can excel. Our partnership model is consultative, collaborative, and requires a commitment to specific and measurable results. Equal Opportunity Schools EOS has helped more than schools identify low-income students and students of color who qualify for, but are missing from AP or IB classes. Working together, we successfully enroll them and support their academic success.

Same equal opportunity

Today, new groups, including women and homosexuals, are seeking equal treatment. Colin Powell, the retired chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, is not only an African-American success story, but also a success story for the racially integrated military services. At once, he knew he was destined for a career in the military.

Powell was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army injust 10 years after racial segregation in the military had ended. Reflecting about this exciting time in his life, Powell wrote in his book, My American Journey: I was in a profession that would allow me to go as far as my talents would take me.

And for a black, no other avenue in American society offered so much opportunity.

Same equal opportunity

Indeed, Powell rose through the ranks to become in the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest job in the U. This would have been impossible when the military was mired in racial prejudice and segregation. But the military services were forced to change their long tradition of treating the black man as a second-class soldier.

In much the same way, equal opportunities have opened for women in all branches of the armed forces. While moving slowly, and at times not at all, the military has nevertheless demonstrated that groups once unfairly branded as inferior are fully capable and deserving of equal opportunity in American society.

Can the Black Man Fight? African Americans have fought in every U. At the outset of the Civil War, however, neither free blacks nor escaped slaves were allowed to enlist in the Union forces.

The prevailing racist view among Union officers was that the black man lacked mental ability, discipline, and bravery and could never be trained to fight like the white soldier.

As the Civil War ground on and the need for manpower increased, African Americans began to be admitted into the Union Army, mainly as laborers. Large numbers of free blacks and ex-slaves were recruited for combat only after several successful experiments satisfied military leaders that black soldiers could fight in battles.

African Americans were organized in racially segregated infantry, artillery, and cavalry regiments led by white officers.

After participating in over battles and winning 12 Congressional Medals of Honor, there was little doubt by the end of the war that the black man could fight and fight well. After the war, Congress established several peacetime black Army regiments, again led by white officers.

Assigned mainly to the West, black regiments fought Indians, manned forts, escorted wagon trains, and did other hard and thankless "bad duty" that white soldiers preferred to avoid. Experienced and battle-hardened from the Indian Wars, black soldiers saw much action in Cuba and the Philippines during the Spanish-American War.

Most of these men, however, ended up assigned to labor units. One poorly trained segregated combat division did not do well in battle.

White officers often pointed to it as proof that black men did not make good soldiers.

Should Women Take Part in Combat?

But another black division was dispersed among a number of French combat units. These American black troops, under the command of French officers, not only fought well, but participated in combat shoulder-to-shoulder for the first time with white soldiers. A major step forward for blacks in the military took place during the war when the U.

Army set up a separate war college to train black officers to lead black troops. Blacks were to make up 10 percent of enlisted men up from 2 percent and were to be admitted to officer training as well as the Army Air Corps.

Nevertheless, African Americans remained in racially segregated units. The Navy discouraged the recruitment of blacks and assigned most who did enlist to mess duty.VA EQUAL OPPORTUNITY LENDER CERTIFICATION To induce the Department of Veterans Affairs to act on any veteran’s application submitted by or on behalf of.

Recent Examples on the Web. But mental illness is an equal opportunity employer. — Sara Gaynes Levy, Vogue, "Why Gisele Bündchen’s Honest Conversation About Suicide Is So Important Now," 26 Sep.

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PART Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION Pt. PART —FEDERAL SECTOR EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Subpart A—Agency Program To Promote Equal Employment Opportunity Sec.

General policy. Agency program. Complaints of discrimination covered . Equal definition, as great as; the same as (often followed by to or with): The velocity of sound is not equal to that of light. See more. naval equal opportunity (eo) formal complaint form.

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