Personal perspective essays

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Personal perspective essays

Scott, Assistant Professor Pan African Studies Department - California State University, Northridge Northridge, California, June 19, There are occasions when you as a writer get to sound off, to give an opinion that does not have to be supported, documented, or even explained. Some of the forms that Personal Perspective essays take are "Letters," editorials, guest columns, speeches, and special assignments when the writer is asked to respond to a particular issue, subject, or Personal perspective essays like.

Sometimes the personal perspective is important because of the writer, who may be a celebrity like Spike Lee or Bill Cosby, a famous government official such as California Congresswoman Maxine Walters, or newsmaking personality like Reverend Jessie Jackson and Minister Louis Farrakhan.


Sometime the personal viewpoint is important because the writer represents a large or definite segment of society like National Urban League President John Jacobs or Brotherhood Crusade President Danny Bakewell and is, in effect, speaking for that constituency on a subject such as Black-Korean Relationships in Southcentral Los Angeles.

Goodlett, and the personal viewpoint can give readers a fix on the slant of the newspaper or Personal perspective essays itself.

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At other times, the personal viewpoint is important just because the writer has a real flair for writing like Alice Walker, or like Ishmael Reed is very amusing, or so capable of saying what everybody is thinking but couldn't say so well such as Amiri Baraka. A Personal Perspective essay has no particular form.

It is, rather, the writer's opinion -- pure and simple. The writer does not have to explain carefully why he or she believes this particular thing or thinks this particular way, and the reader does not have to do anything more than take the essay or leave it.

Personal Perspective essays are usually very interesting to read, however, because they almost always carry the stamp of the writer's personality prominently.

Personal perspective essays

There is a checklist for writing a Personal Perspective essay: Write about something that's been on your mind for a while. When you do this, then the subject typically will be something that you care about and have not been able to forget or simply file away.

Perhaps you've been concerned about what you see as the inequity between the way in which funding is done for affluent schools and the way that schools situated in poverty-stricken neighborhoods takes place.

It's on your mind because the subject matters to you, and demands to be expressed. Carve out your own turf. Don't depend upon the thoughts, opinions, views, or positions of others.

If the subject happens to be the Moral Majority taking a swipe at what is loosely called the "declining social values caused by an increase in the number of single parent households" and you grew up in exactly that sort of household as did your brothers and sisters, all of whom went on to become positive, productive citizens despite harsh circumstances, then you don't have to go to the library to look up and see what others have to say.

Take your own stand, making it clear to your readers that this is what you believe in and stand for, that this is what you personally care about. Help the readers understand your point of view. You aren't simply writing to impress people, or toot your own horn. The purpose of writing always is to communicate with others.

When you do so, the language chosen is deliberate given the audience i.Personal Perspective Paper MMPBL/ October 18, Personal Perspective Paper Decision making is an important aspect in everybody’s day-to-day lives.

. Personal perspective papers may be assigned to a specific topic, such as being instructed to write a personal perspective on school dress codes or online bullying, or they may be more open-ended, such as describing an ideal school environment or how daily life has changed since students' parents were in .

The Loss of the Creature by Walker Percy - In Walker Percy’s “The Loss of the Creature” he attempts to portray the idea that perspective can be skewed by another’s story, personal experience, and other factors that lead people to have these expectations of a sight or study that lessen the experience.

Life Changing Experience Essay Examples.

Personal perspective essay

6 total results. The Changes Brought by Jesus Christ in My Life. 1, words. 2 pages. Personal Account of a Life Changing Experience. words. 2 pages. The Contribution of Life Experiences in Redirecting My Path. words. Essays Related to Depression - Personal Perspective.

1. depression. Depression tends to run in the family. A child with one parent with depression has a % increase of developing depression. Social environmental factors may also be a cause of depression. (4) Depression in /5(4). Personal perspective is helpful while making ethical decisions.

The course of action should be a decision made from the inside. Ethically, abortion is considered to be a .

Personal perspective essays
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