Performance management within the workplace essay

These pressures from the people may caused the police organization to do good and make sure that the people they serve are properly protected from all kinds of crimes that may cause problems to rule and HR. Wright and McMahan argued that whereas each function of HRM has evolved through technical innovations generated primarily from a micro perspective that focuses only on the particular function, strategic human resource management SHRM studies have begun to examine the determinants of HR practices from a strategic perspective.

Performance management within the workplace essay

To diminish the cynicism and to assure that the performance management interview is successful employees should know what is expected of them on a daily basis.

This way it is possible to tailor the performance interview to the need of the employee.

Performance management within the workplace essay

In these cases the performance appraisal serves to support ht employee and reinforce their current abilities. Performance appraisals for average performing employees verify to the employee that they are completing their work as expected.

For those who are marginal or poor performing employees, there may be a need for performance appraisals to be completed more frequently perhaps even monthlythis way, the manager can keep the employee informed of their unsatisfactory job performance and work with them to coach, mentor, and potentially improve their work performance.

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We will assume that Joe has been employed by a mental health facility as a psychiatric tech for one year. In Performance management within the workplace essay job he is responsible for providing direct patient care including emergency, health, and personal care services.

He is also responsible for reporting and documenting patient conditions, interacting with patients therapeutically, and participating in the individualized recovery planning HHS Job Center, n. Prior to the appraisal, Joe should have had adequate time to read and review his job description, as well as the criteria for which he will be evaluated during his annual performance appraisal TDMHMR, In the case of Joe Cool, the criteria should be chosen from his assigned responsibilities described aboveThe performance appraisal will include the following questions: Each of these items is designed to assure that Joe the employee is meeting the expectations of his essential job functions.

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Questions 1, 2, and 5 are designed to look at the delivery of results; questions 3 and 4 are designed to look at communication and teamwork. For Joe, the manager should review his work documentation, observe him in the work area and while he participates in a treatment team meeting, talk with members of the treatment team, and review patient satisfaction surveys; this way if there is are question as to why Joe received a particular rating, the manager demonstrate to Joe the specific reason he received a particular rating.

The rating scale uses should include a three point rating system to be used as follows.

Performance management within the workplace essay

The rating of 1 will reflect a score indicating that the employee needs improvement in that area; the rating of 2 will reflect a score indicating that the employee meets the expectation of his or her job functions; and the rating of 3 will reflect a score indicating that the employee exceeds the expectation of his or her job functions TDMHMR, Using this system will allow for the manager to clearly identify where the employee is at with regard to their work performance and to be rated solidly into one category or another.

The manager will assign a rating of for each of the questions listed above and will not only review the assigned number but the reasons for each rating and why. This process is explained in detail below. As explained earlier, this way the employee has time to correct the behavior without significant consequence especially one tied to compensation.

The manager should also explain how the performance helps the employee, the people served by the organization, as well as the other staff in the organization. Instead, the manager should find something that Joe does well. For example, if Joe is very good at his therapeutic interaction with the patients, the manager should lead the conversation with something such as: Joe, I just want to say that you do an amazing job with the patients.

They are always mentioning how you encourage them to follow their plans and that they can really talk to you. Thanks for your hard work.

I know that it really makes a positive impact on the patients, and it shows us what you do really matters to our hospital. It is important for the manager to assume a coaching role during this discussion, as the goal is for the employee to improve their performance.

The manager must ensure that any discussion remain on employee behavior i. The conversation should remain on the facts. The manager should start with the things that Joe does right, such as: Joe, your documentation is always very thorough and you always complete it on time.

There is one thing that you can improve and that is your documentation. The manager can then explain: I am sure that this is no surprise to you, as we have discussed this several times this year.

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I am confident you can improve your work. In this case, the manager could choose a note that Joe wrote using abbreviations and then demonstrate for Joe how it should be written in the future. The third step during the performance interview is goal setting.

If there is a performance management issue with an employee, it is important that the goal address the issue in a way that sets a very clear expectation NMSPO,p.

By the end of the quarter, Joe will not use abbreviations more than once per patient assigned to work with him. This way, it is clear to Joe what is expected and when it will be reviewed again.- Performance Management Within the Workplace The basis of the mainstream of performance appraisals within the modern workplace is one person (a manager or executive) rating one more, an intrinsically individual process.

Performance Management and Diversity Essay; Performance Management and Diversity Essay. Words Feb 6th, Performance Management Essay.

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Management of Diversity Essay. MANAGEMENT OF DIVERSITY WITHIN AN ORGANIZATION Written and presented by: Tyson Johnson Charles Bushell Kori Greaves Introduction When . An essay on the importance of effective communication in the workplace and barriers to effective communication.

Understanding how to speak, write and Published: Thu, 09 Aug Performance Management Within the Workplace The basis of the mainstream of performance appraisals within the modern workplace is one person (a manager or executive) rating one.

Performance management is a process for ensuring employees focus on their work in ways that contribute to achieving the organization's mission is indispensable for a business organization.

Performance management means taking an integrated, goal oriented approach to assigning, training, assessing and rewarding employees’ performance. Taking a performance management approach to training means that the training effort must make sense in terms of what the company wants each employee to contribute to achieving the company’s goals.

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