Page international screenwriting awards reviews on garcinia

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Page international screenwriting awards reviews on garcinia

The so called 'enhanced interrogations' were approved by administration lawyers as being legal. These techniques easily passed oversight committees in a bipartisan manner. The public wanted not only justice but revenge. It is only in hindsight some years later that we have questions about using these techniques.

We will not know for some years exactly what information these techniques produced as this information will effect national security. High officials in the CIA and others who knew the results produced emphatically say that the results have saved many American lives.

Obama has reversed himself on showing pictures of Americans performing interrogations of Islamic extremist. This was a very smart move. It most definitely would have created more danger for our troops. It would be played over and over again to Muslims around the world and produce more suicide bombers and more hatred of Americans.

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There was nothing good to come out of this and would have been nothing more than a political side show. It would have angered our own troops as well. Obama promised and actually has signed a bill to close Gitmo by the end of the year. Now big problems are arising. No state is willing to accept any of these detainees.

In fact state governors and governments are creating state laws to prohibit the federal government from placing any of these people in their states.

This is not just Republicans but Democrats as well. No Senator or Congressman will sign anything to do with placing these people in their states or districts. Obama has already extended the closing date.

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The House refused to fund the million dollars to close the base recently If I read that correctly. Our Attorney General Holder has been searching around the world for people who will accept these people. Other than Britain and Germany saying they would think about it no one has said they would take them.

In fact many of them will be executed if they go back to certain countries. Obama has now said that approximately 27 of them will not be tried in an American court but with a Military Tribunal. This is a complete reversal of his position prior to the election concerning military tribunals.

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To try these people in an American court using all the legalities availability to them would open up a lot of top secret information. It would endanger more Americans and reveal more secrets. It would likely be seen around the Muslim World and some of them might get free on a technicality. Apparently these 27 must really be bad for Obama to go back on his promise.

I am happy to see he can change his mind if there is to be a bad outcome. As the Wall Street Journal put it 'apparently the Bush Administration were not completely foolish when they put these bad guys in Gitmo'.

Most Americans at that time would have preferred they be shot summarily.

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When I was flying daily into North Vietnam and Laos being captured was certainly on my mind. The enhanced interrogations of captured pilots was well known to all of us. We all went through survival school in the Philippines where we among other things learned what we might expect.

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page international screenwriting awards reviews on garcinia

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