My favourite news channel

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My favourite news channel

Saturday, 22 October Talk about your favourite TV channel. How often do you watch it What type of programmes does it broadcast and explain why do you like this TV channel. I do not watch TV that much but it is a great electronic and mass media for education and entertainment.

Whenever I held the TV remote control in my hand, I look for either a news channel or Discovery channel. This is the channel I watch more often than any other channels.

I watch it for hours per week. On my day off, if I am in front of TV, I watch the great educational and recreational programs that this channel broadcasts. It broadcasts mainly documentary programs focusing on popular science, technology and history.

IELTS Cue Card Sample - Talk about your favourite TV channel

But recently they have started showing some other types of programs like reality shows and pseudo-technologies and entertainments. There are some unique programs that they present to their audiences like Myth Busters, Unsolved History, automobiles, and occupations etc.

This channel started broadcasting from and has become one the most popular TV channels in the world because of their emphasis on high-quality programs.

I like this TV channel because of the programs and documentaries they present. Most of the programmes are thoroughly enjoyable and offer lots of information to the viewers.

This is one of the great sources for me to learn history, technology and other educational knowledge. The picture quality is really nice and this channel is easily available via the cable service providers. I found this channel really interesting and I can learn many new things watching it.

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My favourite news channel

Goodbye from Big Brother. 7th Nov As Big Brother will no longer be airing on Channel 5, the Big Brother website and app will be closing down on Wednesday. Streaming news; TV Streaming.

Find a TV show; Chuck out the TV guide and watch Channel Seven on your own time. missing out on your favourite Channel Nine TV shows is a thing of the past.

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