Karen gocsik academic writing

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Karen gocsik academic writing

This section of the Tao was more interesting to me because it begins to relate to my themes that I choose to look at this summer by introducing religion. Aside from relating to my theme of literature, man struggles to understand divinity, introducing God and religion relates to my life as a Christian woman.

For the second reading journal I choose to highlight the literary terms allusion and connotation. Before and After My first impression before reading this section was that it was going to continue to be slightly confusing and thought provoking.

After reading the section, I found that I was able to get into a rhythm with the reading instead of spending 10 minutes on each chapter. I feel that I understood what I was reading today better than I did last night. There were a few quotes that seemed to jump out of the page at me today.

karen gocsik academic writing

This quote spoke to me because, as a christian, i am constantly hearing people say that God has a plan and everything is meant to happen at a certain time. Although God isn't mentioned in this chapter necessarily I can see how what Master Yu is saying pertains to the idea of God's perfect plan.

This quote was odd to me, because yesterday my biggest question was "If the Tao is inside me already, how do I find it? This also relates to the theme that man struggles to understand divinity, not because the concept is so difficult.

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Rather many people do not understand God or see him as a "hero," if you will, because he does not just fix everything and he cannot force anyone to do anything, he allows his followers to find their own way and he gives them the choice of free will. He honors the genuine, wherever it appears" Mitchell, This last quote I choose to mention also relates to the theme I have choose, it is said in the bible that God does not see people the way men, and women, do.

karen gocsik academic writing

In first Samuel chapter 16 verse 7 the Lord tells Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. These two quotes say the same thing just in different words, proving to me that the master and God are similar beings.

Questions My first question from today's reading would be, Now that I have a better understanding of the Tao, is it even applicable to me as a person?


I guess my answer would be yes it is applicable because as a teaching the way of the Tao can be applicable to anyone that truly understands that finding the Tao in oneself can only happen if one is willing to look at their actions and find that center.

My second question would be, Is there truly a way to let go of our perceptions of how life is? This sort of stems from yesterday's reading but it took me until after today's reading to fully word my question in a way that made sense.

We read in the commentary on chapter 13, page 27, "The world appears according to our perception of it" Mitchell, In my opinion, it is possible to let go of perceptions about life; however, to do this one would spend their entire life dedicated to the practice and training in order to achieve this goal.

As I mentioned in my introduction I choose the literary terms allusion and connotation today. In both yesterday's and today's readings the allusions used by Mitchell of historical people and characters, such as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza from the story Don Quixote 39 as well as Albert Einstein 77 created a picture in my mind of what he meant.

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Connotations relate not to a word's actual meaning, or denotation, but rather to the ideas or qualities that are implied by that word. Literary Criticism Theory I think that if a Psychoanalytic Literary Critic were to read this particular text in general they would question if a person was truly able to be centered enough to relinquish control over their life.

Such is the case with the story of the Shadow and Penumbra, penumbra questions how the shadow is able to be happy about having no control over his life path. Works Cited "Glossary of Literary Terms.Writing about World Literature, a new guide created to accompany the Norton Anthology, covers the processes and particulars of writing in the world literature survey caninariojana.comng with the essential question, “What is Academic Writing,” the guide takes students step-by-step through the writing process – from generating ideas to researching to revising.

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Writing about American Literature (Karen Gocsik) at caninariojana.com Writing About American Literature, the latest addition to Karen Gocsik's popular "Writing About" series, is an accessible, step-by-step guide to writing about literature, from active reading to final revisions.

Nov 30,  · Karen Gocsik is executive director of courses in the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Writing Guide for Sociology 2nd Edition Compiled by Jennifer Jones, Sarah Quinn Karen Gocsik and the Dartmouth Writing Program at Dartmouth College; Bradley Hughes and the Writing Cen-ter at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; Robert Kimmerle and The Skid- The academic environment is a writing-intensive environment, and during.

Description - Writing About Movies by Karen Gocsik Writing About Movies offers students two books in one: a handy guide to the process of academic writing and a brief but thorough introduction to the basics of film form, film theory and film analysis.

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