Icarus allsorts by roger mcgough

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Icarus allsorts by roger mcgough

However, their subject matter, poetic techniques and language features vary greatly. In spite of this, both poems succeed in portraying the devastating impact of war and encourage the reader to consider the catastrophic repercussions. These two poems explore the theme of war from a critical and reflective perspective, using different methods to depict the futility and resulting consequences.

Kirkup approaches the topic from a historical point of view, examining the effects of war as seen in modern Hiroshima. In contrast to this, McGough illustrates the immediate consequences of war if a World War Three were to eventuate.

Therefore, although the central theme of each of these poems is the same, the subject matter differs greatly. In Icarus allsorts by roger mcgough to the different subject matters, the mood and language features of each of these poems are very disparate. Throughout "No More Hiroshimas" the tone is somber, instilling feelings of empathy and reflection in the reader that force them to closely examine the negative repercussions of war.

In contrast to this poem, however, is "Icarus Allsorts", which has a lighthearted and humorous tone.

Icarus allsorts by roger mcgough

Although this may seem to belittle the subject matter at first glance, by utilizing satire McGough implants feelings of vulnerability and forces the reader to consider the true meaning of his words more closely.

Also, the poet alludes to the disruption of everyday life by closely mimicking a popular nursery rhyme in the following stanza: This satirical style serves to further reinforce the devastating effects of war. This outcome is also reached by the poetic techniques both of these poems use.

Kirkup exploits the enjambment of words and lack of rhythm or rhyme to create an unnerving effect that is suited to the subject matter. Therefore, this poem cannot be read with ease and as a result the reader is forced to consider each word closely, which has a powerful impact on the overall mood.

Conversely, McGough satires nursery rhymes with the use of a constant rhyme and rhythm. Even the title of "Icarus Allsorts" is a play on words, using a pun that refers to the lollies "Licorice Allsorts" and the Greek mythic character, Icarus.

As bombs fall from the sky, so did Icarus, as the sun melted the wax that held his wings together. Therefore, although the poetic techniques each poet utilizes are different, both serve to further enhance the theme of these poems.

To summarize, although the two poets use different methods, many similarities can be identified regarding their intended purpose. Kirkup and McGough effectively illustrate their intent through utilizing language and poetic techniques that enhance the subject matter and theme and force readers to realize the effects of war on a more intimate level.

In conclusion, both "No More Hiroshimas" and "Icarus Allsorts" are highly effective in portraying war as a horrendous occurrence and in encouraging the reader to consider the disastrous repercussions.Ex Art Student by McGough & McGear No lyrics text found for this track.

The lyrics can frequently be found here (check the full description and comments) or by filtering for lyric videos. Help us build the world's largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. SF - INVENTING THE FUTURE: Icarus and Daedalus; Icarus Allsorts; The Sentinel; History Lesson; The Sighting; The Walls; Placement Test; Origin Unknown; Progression of the Species; Who Can Replace a Man; Flowers for Algernon; The Impossible Man by R.

Duncan (editor) (Henrik Altov; Roger McGough; Arthur C. Clarke; Pa Appleford and a great. A comparison of "The Horses" and "Icarus Allsorts" This essay will be looking at "Icarus Allsorts" by Roger McGough and comparing it to "The Horses" by Edwin Murir.

First it will analyse "Icarus Allsorts" then look at "The Horses.". Read Icarus Allsorts- Roger McGough from the story Poems by XnytjiexSmith (CutePsycopath) with reads. poetry, depressed, words. A little bit of heaven Fell. Roger McGough CBE, FRSL (/ m ə ˈ ɡ ɒ f /; born 9 November ) is an English poet, performance poet, broadcaster, children's author and caninariojana.com presents the BBC Radio 4 programme Poetry Please, as well as performing his own caninariojana.comh was one of the leading members of the Liverpool poets, a group of young poets influenced .

It's written by Roger McGough (hope I spelt his name right). Give your comments or even, better, your own version of poem which talks on the topic of World War 3 or Nuclear War.

Read ICARUS ALLSORTS by Roger McGough by clicking on the link.

Icarus allsorts by roger mcgough
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