Eu yan sang history

E02 is a company that specialises in traditional Chinese medicine. It had been delisted from thereafter. He started tin mining and noticed that the tin mine coolies were heavily dependent on opium as the easiest method for immediate relief for their medical needs.

Eu yan sang history

His father, Eu Kong Pui a. He expanded this to retailing and taxing goods from China that he sold to the miners he employed [1] [3] and set up a grocery shop in Gopeng that was later expanded to include a Chinese dispensary for Chinese immigrants.

He operated his businesses under the mark Chop Yan Sang. However, with the sudden death of his father, he found himself, at only 13, heir to the family estates and tin mining businesses.

Eu yan sang history

He returned to Malaya in [6] [7] but his stay with his two uncles and his stepmother was short. He moved to the home of R. Butler and lived there for two and a half years, taking private tuition in English from F.

From there he moved to Ipoh and enrolled in a government school. Over the next ten years he was to expand the family business and multiply his fortune many times over. He expanded his business empire in Singapore, Malaya and Hong Kong and, at 30, was one of the richest men in the region.

They went through Chinese ceremony to become oath brothers. It has been torn down. It was built at Repulse Bayoverlooking the sea. The property was huge. It was built with stone like a castle.

It included within its walled area a tennis court and also a swimming pool.


Eucliff villa contained a statuary collection of Eu Tong Sen. When Eucliff was demolished, a statue of an anonymous World War I soldier [8] was donated to Osborn Barracks in Kowloon where it stayed for 20 years before being relocated to Hong Kong Park.

Eu and Chung had common interests — motorcars, racehorses, country houses, etc. They jointly built a weekend retreat, "Forest Lodge", at Gopeng Road with a large stable. It seemed to have opened only in In his medicine shops in Kampar and Gopeng were flourishing. By he owned two mines at Kamparthree at Gopengone at Teronohone at Chenderiangand one at Papantogether employing about 8, coolies.

In Selangor he owned one mine at Ampang and one at Kanchengtogether employing 3, coolies. In Batang BennaNegeri Sembilan, he owned one mine employing 1, coolies. As his branches increased and his business spread out geographically, his potential market grew accordingly. Eu moved from Singapore to Hong Kong in On 7 Januaryhe formed Eu Tong Sen Limited in Singapore but controlled it from Hong Kong where his remittance business was showing the best potential.

He imported the first motor car into Perak. Calf racing evolves around two men and two calves. Then, they will ride the calf through a series of obstacles before finally falling into pool of water. The men then will have to finally swim to land and run back to the starting point, the first becoming the winner.

Qing government title[ edit ] Eu purchased an official title from the Qing Dynasty government in Death[ edit ] Eu died of a heart attack on 11 May in Hong Kong at the age of He also had lung cancer but was cured of immediately.

Addison, the Minister of Munitions commissioned a painting of the tank and presented the painting to Eu. He has two palaces in Ipoh; one more in Kampar, and a castle with a garden and lake in Singapore. Art treasures selected in Europe by himself fill these various residences of the great Chinese tin magnate; the marble for his houses was brought from Italy.Eu Yan Sang's primary business in the past was the retailing of herbs and brews.

Today, EYS's business has evolved into a TCM offering, including clinics and wellness products. Science. Information on valuation, funding, acquisitions, investors, and executives for Eu Yan Sang International. Use the PitchBook Platform to explore the full profile.

Eu Yan Sang shops in Gopeng and Kampar extended to providing remittance services, allowing Chinese miners and plantation workers to send their earnings home. As the remittance and medicines businesses expanded, branches were set up in Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Analysis of Eu Yan Sang (EYS) The strength of EYS from internal environment: • Market Leader Eu Yan Sang is a market leader in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). eu-yan-sang _user-generated About is a collaborative research and analysis website that combines the sum of the world's knowledge to produce the highest quality research reports for over 6, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies, and commodities.

The boss of Eu Yan Sang International was glad to shake off the pressures of running a listed company when the traditional Chinese medicine giant finally exited the local bourse last month. Business News