Custom paper lunch bags

Paper Lunch and Grocery Bags Custom Paper Lunch and Grocery Bags Essential for any store, custom printed paper bags and grocery sacks personalized to your brand let you advertise your company with every client purchase. Custom paper grocery bags and printed lunch bags are a fantastic way for grocery stores and supermarkets to build their brand exposure and ensure that that branding gets carried home with each customer. We all carry items home from the store in them, whether it be groceries, clothes, household supplied, gifts or a packed lunched.

Custom paper lunch bags

You don't need a pantry filled with miniature cookie cutters or gourmet bento boxes. With a sharpie, glue stick, and some scraps from the recycle bin, you can create an extra special lunch bag for your child.

When you're making lunch, you might have junk mail or magazines on the counter. This is an easy way to create a fun brown bag lunch sack! Cut out a picture from a magazine, or trim the graphic on some junk mail to fit the brown lunch sack.

custom paper lunch bags

Then glue it in place. Use a sharpie to draw a border, then a second scalloped or wavy-line border.

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Add dots if you like, and you have instant framed "art" on your brown bag! Don't worry if your art isn't perfect - remember that it will be next to half-eaten nuggets and pizza crusts in custom paper lunch bags cafeteria garbage by high noon. Want more ideas for what you can use to decorate, or add to, the lunch bag?

If your child can read, riddles and jokes are a fun way to add some "Vitamin Fun" to their lunch. Grab a sharpie and a scrap of paper - you can google a list of kid-friendly jokes to write on the lunch sack.

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On the outside of the bag, write the riddle or joke. On the scrap of paper, write the answer to the riddle, or the punch line to the joke. My son is a beginning reader, so I added pictures to help him with the words.

custom paper lunch bags

You can also use the components of the lunch bag to create a fun scene! For this lunch bag, I used a straw, washi tape any decorative tape will worka sharpie, and a hole punch. I drew a simple hill with a flower on the bag. Then I punched 3 holes into the front and side layer of the bag - not all 4 layers, just 2.

I wrapped washi tape near the top of the straw to create flags. Then inserted the straw through the holes in the front of the bag. So simple to create a little flag pole! If you're extra-artsy, you could draw a school building in the background! Each of these ideas take only a few minutes to make.

If you find you're too crunched for time in the mornings, make your bags on the weekend - pull out a sharpie and stack of brown bags, and start decorating! In no time you'll have a stack of not-so-boring lunch sacks that will last you through the week.

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What do you do to make school time special for your kids? The following two tabs change content below.Showing 1 - 60 of 2, Products Custom Bags Carry your brand to the next level with custom bags in a variety of colors and styles.

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