Best short stories for teaching creative writing

Writer's shop Short Short Stories Competition: Harris for his story, "Love".

Best short stories for teaching creative writing

Top Ten How dare I make a list of the top ten short stories ever, right? Who the hell do I think I am? Does that make me an authority? These may work for you or they may not. I tried to pick a few stories from each of the main genres I love, but overall, I wanted stories that I have a fond memory of reading.

Can I remember parts of it, lines, or scenes? Does the weight of what I read still rest in my heart? I can honestly say yes, that all of these stories have had a profound impact on my writing career, as they are, in my opinion, as flawless as stories can get.

Most of these stories are heavily anthologized or are available in a collection by that author.

In no particular order: If you want to know what contemporary literary horror looks like, this is the place to go. For me, the power of this story lies in the familiar, the trust of one person believing in another, specifically the people you let into your home—electricians, painters, and plumbers.

Best short stories for teaching creative writing

When you look down on somebody there is always the risk that you will insult them and set them off. And in this story, we see the worst possible fear of a mother come home to roost, with an ending that is absolutely devastating.

When somebody is damaged and lost in the world, we always wonder how that came to be. Was there something in their past that made them steal, made them vulnerable; was there an incident, some family member, an ongoing abuse?

In this case, yes, there was.

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A college aged girl tells of her problems, these issues she has, but we have no idea how deep it goes, how messed up she really is. But what keeps this story from being merely a dark tale of power gone awry is the way the protagonist handles her future, the way she forgives and moves on.

She is unique, and yet, she is all of us. This is probably her most famous story, and an extremely popular and well-known one, in general.

When a teenage girl stays home, trying to exude angst and resentment, something she has set in motion leads her to a horrifying moment. And nobody gets killed. The violence and tension are all up front, all in your head, right there beyond the screen door, asked for and granted.

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If you want to figure out how to write tension, this is a great example. It is essential reading. This story is very dark, and yet funny, and then ultimately, heartbreaking. The violence of the hospital, the fate of the two goofballs that are driving around in the truck, the bunnies—what can I say about the bunnies.

Makes me sad, crushes me, whenever I think about it. He is a powerful voice, one that you need to know. I could have picked ten, and maybe that will be a list I do some other day, but this story, which originally ran in the New Yorker, has always stayed with me.Short stories offer the writer huge creative freedoms but also require discipline and precision.

Less can mean more. Together we’ll explore the fundamentals of great story writing: finding ideas, plotting, narrative structure, three-dimensional characters, how to edit and how to end. Teens drawn to the short story form can also submit their work for consideration in an annual issue that features a story written by a teen for teens.

NaNoWriMo — Short for National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo is an awesome thirty-day adventure for any writer, . Make your best writing year yet with our list of the best writing websites.

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Episode you’ll like: The Deep End. Story . Literary Criticism of Short Stories. Listings on rhetoric and composition and the history, theory and practice of teaching language and literature are also included.

Liaison Librarian to Creative Writing, English, Film Studies, Philosophy and Religion. That’s a pity since short stories are perfect for teaching language and critical thinking skills. Good stories engage both teachers and students.

10 Tips for Teaching Short Stories: Part 1. Stories offer a jumping-off point for expository and creative writing. For example, I might ask students to write a formal essay in which they. Sep 21,  · Humorous Short Stories for High School Students.

The man is comfortable with books and writing, but there is distance between him and his wife. Read "The Man in the Brown Coat" Wonderful list of ranging from the best of the best in classic short stories to some of the most recent brilliantly constrcted microfiction.

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