Annotated bibliography childhood obesity essay

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Annotated bibliography childhood obesity essay

Health Education Research, 19 3 pg Obesity Research, 12 1 pg Global Citizen,9 4Retrieved from http: Seemingly, these diseases are suggested by Deckelbaum and Willams to stem from the customs and norms of the Western World North America and the adoption of the Western behavioural and dietary lifestyles worldwide is what spreads the disease.

Annotated bibliography childhood obesity essay

The two main causes of obesity are suggested to be a strong correlation between childhood and adulthood obesity, and cultural and socioeconomic variables in different countries.

Emerging data allows Deckelbaum and Willams to make some claims about the fact if you are obese or overweight as a child, then there is a higher chance of adulthood obesity; which also leads to a higher chance of death in the future. The Economics of Obesity: Diet Energy Density and Energy Cost.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Drewnowski and Darmon claim an inverse relationship between the energy density of food and their energy cost. Drewnowski and Darmon conclude that obesity prevention strategies are needed to control the rise in obesity rates as the disparity between income and health become more severe; rather, obesity in America is an economic issue.

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Emotional Reactivity, Emotional Eating, and Obesity: Journal of Behavioural Medicine, Vol. An interactive study suggested that obese individuals were more likely to overeat as a result of emotions, however these findings only pertained to snacks and not actual meals.

Family Relations, 49 3 pg Gable argues that improving parent knowledge in regards to child nutrition would show significant positive effects on the heath of children.

Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, 6 pg e Best Benefit of Exercise? Robin Lloyd does more than just cover why exercise can cause positive emotional effects, he goes into detail about specific levels and amounts of exercise that may lead to optimal emotional benefits.

An exploration of social entrepreneurship in the entrepreneurship era.

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Asian Social Science,6 6Retrieved from http: Furthermore, one of the main points put forth by Mohammad Reza Noruzi et al is the need to have these social enterprises put pressure on government officials and policy makers to improve economic conditions and the quality of life.

In order to put pressure on the government to make a significant change and help out those who are facing hardships such as obesity and poverty is to spread awareness of these struggles. One way to accomplish this task is to create a physical entity or business, with which people can associate with, and that instills the eradication of these problems in their mission statement.

Medical Hypotheses 62, 6Pages Both patients with depression and obesity were shown to have problems with serotonin dysfunction in the brain.

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Poverty, Obesity, and Malnutrition:BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.  Annotated Bibliography for Childhood Obesity Natalia Pimushkina DeVry University Annotated Bibliography for Childhood Obesity Child obesity became a very serious issue that is taking on the health of the nation's children.

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