A biography of sandra cisneros an american novelist

InCisneros would tell an interviewer in Texas that she had never felt a strong sense of connection to Chicago. Nevertheless, her book The House on Mango Street is set there. To the same interviewer, Sandra Cisneros expresses a little annoyance at readers who assume that she is her Mango Street protagonist, Esperanza Cordero — that the book, in other words, is autobiographical.

A biography of sandra cisneros an american novelist

Born on December 20,Cisnero grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Due to constant travel they had to keep switching school and find new place to live every time. The feeling of isolation aggravated as her father looked at his children as six sons and a daughter.

In fact, the growing loneliness played a key role in developing her interest in writing.

A biography of sandra cisneros an american novelist

Her mother was the only one around her with an avid reading habit and social awareness and she made sure that her daughter would become an independent woman unlike herself.

Cisneros received her early education from a Catholic school Josephinum Academy. She wrote poems on the Vietnam War when she was ten and won recognition for her work. According to herself, she truly began writing when she got enrolled in a creative writing course in college.

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Being a Mexican woman instead of making her an outsider gave her the benefit to write differently without conforming to literary style of American canon which her classmates adopted. Her cultural diversity became a model for her writing in which she shared her experiences living in the Puerto Rican neighborhood of Chicago.

She tried to depict the lives of the people she could relate to. Her stories were drawn from real life conversation she had heard from the people, especially the ones who were trivialized. She even confessed to recording the conversation in writing she had with people which she would later adapt into her writings.

Another aspect that contributes to her unique writings style is her bilingualism and biculturalism treasure. Being familiar with two cultures enriched her work as she employed an array of experiences, thoughts and feelings with the help of diction from two different languages. She taught at a number of universities which include University of California and University of Michigan.

Subsequent to writing her first novel, she published a collection of stories, titled Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, in It contains 22 stories and incorporates a wide range of narrative techniques.

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Each story employs different narrative style such as, first-person and third-person and omniscient narration. Besides that the theme of her works often addressed construction of female identity and sexuality which was repressed during her time by the patriarch society.

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A biography of sandra cisneros an american novelist

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Sandra Cisneros is a Latina American novelist who wrote the bestselling novel "The House on Mango Street." Sandra Cisneros was born on December 20, , in Chicago, Illinois.

Her novel "The House. Introduction. Even in the not-officially-segregated North, there was often a wide gulf between the color-blindness of the American dream and the racial discrimination in daily life, which, early in their lives, crushed the aspirations and dashed the hopes of promising young black Americans.

Sandra Cisneros Biography, Life, Interesting Facts Sandra Cisneros is an American writer who is renowned for her first novel, The House on Mango Street. She is well acknowledged as being a pioneer in her literary field.

Sandra Cisneros: Sandra Cisneros, American short-story writer and poet best known for her groundbreaking evocation of Mexican American life in Chicago. After graduating from Chicago’s Loyola University (B.A., ), Cisneros attended the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop (M.F.A., ).

There she developed what.

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